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BOSMFC (Dongguan Lanjin Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.)tell you the LED history



BOSMFC(Dongguan Lanjin Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd.) is a professional manufacturer of SMD LED/SIDE-VIEW LED/BACKLIGHT/DIP ect.It's founded in 2003,locaked in Dongguan.

BOSMFC (Dongguan Lanjin OptoelectronicsCo.,Ltd.)tell you that the LED has a very long history. It can be traced backto 1907, and is still evolving today. It took years to improve the design andto make LED lighting available in many different shapes and forms, so that itcould become easy for consumers to buy it and use it within their homes andbusinesses.

Electroluminescence was discovered in 1907, bya scientist from UK named H.J Round. However, there was no practical use forthe discovery for many decades. Another inventor by the name of OlegVladimirovich Losev published an article on "Luminous carborundum (siliconcarbide) detector and detection with crystals" in the Russian journalTelegrafiya I Telefoniya bez Provodov (Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony).Losev's work was not attached importance to for many decades, until in 1962,Nick Holonvak Jr., developed the first practical 'Light Emitting Diode' morecommonly known today as LED or LED Lights. The first LED products becameavailable to the public in the late 1960's, and produced a red light. They wereused mainly as indicators on laboratory equipment and in place of incandescentindicators.

In 1968, gallium arsenide was found to makethe LED much more affordable and feasible to the public. LED lighting productswere still very expensive, which meant that not everyone is able to buy LED. Itwas later discovered that adding a phosphide would make it much cheaper andstill work just the same as the previously used materials.

As years passed, LED lighting became morepopular and more and more people started to use this for other domesticappliances such as electronics like radio, television, telephone, and evenwatches. LED technology was at its peak, as it was the most innovative producton the market.

The first LED screen was developed by James.P. Mitchell in 1977. The first display of the LED television was at anengineering exposition in Anaheim, in May 1978. This LED Flat panel TV displayreceived a special award from such organisations as General Motors and theUniversity of California Irvine, and a special mention was given by Robert M.Saunders, Professor of Engineering and IEEE President of 1977.

Low-cost, efficient blue LED's did not comeout until the early 1990's. This is when the RGB colour triad was completed.This enabled new designs to be created, these included new designs for outdoorsignage and huge video displays for billboards and stadiums.

As the LED material technology became evenmore advanced, the light output was increased, and LED has became bright enoughto be used for illumination such as LED downlights, LED flood lights, LEDgarden lights,LED spotlights,LED tubes, LED street lights and many other formsof LED lights.

Withthe spirit of "quality is the life ,innovation is the soul Dongguan LanjinOptoelectronics Co.,Ltd.get high recognition of well-known enterprises at homeand abroad gradually.


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