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LED’s Light Failure



LEd light failure is refers to the light signal weakened in transmission. Now day,The global LED manufacturers manufacturing out of LED products of light failure degree are different, high power LEDs are also exist the light failure, the key is the chips, powder and package technology decided of. recently. on the market, the white light LED’s light failure may be one of the primary problem to get into the civilian lighting .

Dongguan Bluejin Opto Co.,Ltdanalyze LED light’s light failure mainly in the following two factors.
LED product’s quality
(1) bad grain physique LED brightness decay more quickly.
(2) deficiencies in the production process, grain export not good heat dissipation from the internal LED , led LED grain temperature is too high, making chip attenuation.
2) conditions of use issues
(1) LED constant current drive, and some LED with voltage-driven, thus accelerating the decay of LED brightness.
(2) the drive current is greater than the rated driver condition.
In fact, led light LED products for various reasons, the most critical is a hot issue, as some manufacturers do not note the heat sink issue, make their products in the long-term use of lumen level higher than the focus on heat dissipation of LED products. LED thermal resistance of grain itself, effects of silver colloid, substrate cooling effect, and Colloids and gold also are associated with light.

Dongguan bluejin manufacturer all kind of SMD LED.We use high standard material、strict controlling、strong reliable production、and lab through all condition to make the first-class quality in the same price.We have full experience in high temperature resistant、anti-aging、high display、and full color of products.We share the value with customer. Blue jin LED don’t have any different color .We use different length chips to make the same color of each batch.When the other company can make the same color of the same batch .we insists to make all the batch goods with the same color.

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