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LED Facial Treatment



Major skin facial issues come in the form of Acne which is caused due to bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes (P.acnes). It’s because of improper functioning of oil glands due to P.acnes and is characterized by seborrhea (scaly red skin), comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), papules (pinheads), nodules (large papules) and pimples.

It's commonly seen during puberty, where the sebaceous (oil) glands are stimulated because of the release of hormones (such as testosterone in case of men, regardless of sex) from adrenal gland for both males and females. It could be inflammatory or non-inflammatory in nature and often painful.

Use of photo therapy:

The interaction of light of wavelength between 600 and 950 nm can take place in three ways:

1) Wound healing and tissue repair.

1.a) Yield a fresh skin

1.b) Reduce wrinkles

1.c) Moisturize dry skin

2) Relief of inflammation in case of edema (swelling) or acute injuries.

3) Relief from neurological pain.

How photo therapy interacts with skin cells:

Interaction of photon (from the LED) happens very similar to that of the reaction due to sunlight which is responsible to absorb Vitamin D through our skin.

Blue light reacts with the acne molecules in the sebaceous glands and kills the P. Acne bacterium, while red light helps in improving the blood flow which promotes the healing process.

Benefits of using LED photo therapy:

Following are termed to be the benefits which can be procured through the photo therapy, though it is to be understood that the extent of such improvement could vary from person to person.

1. Increase in the level of oxygen and improved blood flow.

2. Enhances the production of fibroblast which creates elastin-elastic bases fibers, strengthening the connective tissues.

3. Mitochondria are stimulated by monochromatic light energy.

4. Help enhances the process of creating new blood capillaries which eventually helps improve the blood flow.

5. Stimulates the release of antioxidant enzyme which decreases the process of oxidation and helps protect skin from cellular damage.

6. Improves muscular relaxation.

7. Increases lymphatic drainage (i.e. helps in removing waste products through blood).

The LED facial products are commercially available products (as shown in above photo) and are targeted towards young teens and people who have enough money to try out the LED facial treatments themselves. But to be true, there still needs to be more experiments involved to validate and prove any concrete positive effect of LEDs on facial skin.

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