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The miniaturization of SMD LED



China makers of SMD LEDs continue to develop smaller configurations to broaden their selections and boost penetration of the backlighting and lighting markets. They are releasing more 0402 units, anticipating the type will dominate supply in the next one or two years. Manufacturers such as Kehong Opto Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd will shift focus to this size, targeting backlighting and illumination applications. The supplier offers mainly 3528, 5050 and 0603 models. At present, 0402 releases constitute about 30 percent of local output.

Companies eyeing the robust TV sector emphasize products in slimmer packaging. Everlight has introduced 0.5x0.5mm RGB LEDs for Ultra HD TVs. It has been pursuing miniaturization in the past three years, turning out 1010 to 0808 and then 0505 kinds for the TV market. Other makers currently highlight 7020 types, which reduce costs by as much as 15 percent as they require fewer materials. Midsize and large players can offer them, and many will increase production based on orders. Shenzhen XHY has such 7x2x0.8mm models with 0.5W rated power, 45 to 60 lumens and 120-degree viewing angle. The diodes come in white, and warm, pure and cool versions. Suppliers anticipate demand in this sector will remain on the upswing, especially with the release of larger-screen TVs needing more LEDs. More than 90 percent of TVs shipped in 2013 already adopt diode-based backlighting, according to GG-LED.

In addition, China makers are working to elevate product performance further while catering to custom requirements. Major local player APT ensures its 3535 and 3014 SMD LEDs comply with the LM-80 standard. The former kind delivers 100.8 and 100.7 percent C test temperatures. The 3014 units have 100.7 and 98.6 percent in 55 and 105 C. Both variants exhibit high stability and nearly zero luminous decay after 6,000 hours of operation. They suit lighting and backlighting uses.

Besides these product efforts, makers such as Anhui Zerun Optoelectronic Co. Ltd are boosting SMD LED output. The supplier anticipates the category’s ratio will reach 40 to 50 percent of yield in the next one or two years from 30 percent at present.

Overall, the line’s share of the country’s total diode production is expected to surpass 50 percent by year-end from 45 percent in 2012, according to GG-LED.

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