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LED lamp will dominate the architectural lighting market

According to estimation, the 2012 LED application in building lighting production than last year doubled up to $684000000. Since the World Expo since the LED lamps, discussed can be heard without end, undeniable, the future of LED lamps is expected to fully replace the neon lights, and become the leading role of the market of building lighting.

 Investment consulting senior fellow He Zaihua pointed out, LED lighting market as the country the development of the next generation lighting strategic technology, the new generation of information technology development will be of great significance, but at present China LED lighting market through the heavily, when ability through clouds also worth exploring. Most of the current Chinese enterprise walk on the downstream industry chain, the upstream industry chain only a small percentage of the Chinese enterprises, and the survival difficult, technical problem of enterprise of block up China eat this inviting cake is the primary barrier.

In the national policy guidance, local governments borrow LED industry Dongfeng, local economic structure adjustment and industrial upgrade, and a local construction, large-scale production base LED wave. Because the downstream low technical threshold, naturally become into the LED industry most appropriate incision, such a large-scale investment in downstream industry chain is the inevitable result of repeated construction and waste of resources, and even produce excess capacity and foam.

According to the investment adviser released"2010 -2015China semiconductor lighting ( LED ) industrial investment analysis and forecast report" shows, at present the country has approved the6semiconductor lighting industrial bases, and in fact, most of the current provinces have built in the LED industry base, and to timely apply for national title. Data shows, only the first half of 2009, China's LED investment and production has more than 20000000000Yuan, and the expanding trend continues.

 This unpopular situation will naturally appear such and such problem, according to statistics, only in Guangdong Taiwanfunded lighting enterprises reached more than 500. A large number of enterprises caused by accumulation of upstream and downstream industry chain, industry concentration is not high, in fact, the downstream industry chain profit is very limited, only accounts for the whole industry chain from 10% to20%, therefore, meet the needs of the phenomenon is particularly striking, intense rate of competition one can imagine, this situation will lead to market disorderly competition and a series of chaos.

The investment adviser director Zhang Yanlin points out, China lighting industry plate construction is becoming more and more obvious, in addition to national strategic factors driving, local government work cannot be done not have, at this stage most of the losses of the enterprise or to promote the industry restructuring and shuffle, on corporate investors, this is both a challenge and an opportunity, to break through a tight encirclement, seize the commanding elevation of industry, industry of have the aid of adjusting the timing of brand advantage might be rare opportunity

        The enterprise competition will reduce the ability of market consumption capacity, there may even be destroyed just to build confidence in the market, enterprise qualifications vary, uneven, some good and some bad products, contused badly the consumers trust degree, this one burgeoning industry development is very dangerous, if not recognized by the market, existing industry development will remain stagnant instead, become the market 's burden, the situation is not optimistic, which is the present market product sales situation does not see improvement of main factors.

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